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Amplify business with Unified Communications.

CloudConnect Unified Communications Services (UC) allow you to simplify and consolidate your business communication systems through a single platform that’s accessible on mobile, anywhere, on any device. A Unified Communication Service not only simplifies and cuts costs, it rewires how you collaborate with teams. Unified Communication systems also allow you to streamline operations, move faster, and innovate at business speed. Right now, world-over SMBs like yours are moving to a mobile unified communication system, transforming how they do business.

CloudConnect Unified Communication Solutions offer a smarter, more- efficient choice: a VoIP based Unified Communication and Collaboration system that’s easy to install, easy to deploy with advanced customer service features and total mobility. A one-time solution that evolves as your business grows, so you can scale faster without the need to invest in hardware, or new systems.

CloudConnect: India's only Unified Teleworking Service for Business
The future of your business.

A unified communication service can do a lot more than boost productivity. The immense cost reduction on communication systems and collaboration tools coupled with the ease of use, flexibility of being any device compatible, makes it an obvious choice. Here are a few salient outcomes of choosing to go with unified communication solutions for your business:

  1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with UC
  2. Integrate audio and video features, including video conferencing, screen sharing, web conferencing, etc
  3. Streamline communication and management across multiple sites or locations
  4. Develop robust disaster management processes and business continuity
  5. Secure broadcast via voice, instant messages, text, and email
  6. Increase productivity and decrease error by integrating data across apps, including Salesforce, Office 365, Zoho, and more
  7. Improve your business customer experience by unifying all channelsv
Unify your teams to scale your business sooner.

CloudConnect offers India’s first and only Mobile PBX & UC system to unify, control, track, manage, and turbocharge your mobile workforce/channel force. It’s a huge business advantage. CloudConnect provides your entire business, especially your mobile team members – a common Business Communication Identity and a powerful Business Management System.

VoIP communication systems are here to stay, and the sooner you move to our cloud-based unified communication system, the sooner you can reap the benefits of smart, secure, and unified communication and collaboration.

CloudConnect Unified Communication solution allows you to:

  • Make your business communication mobile
  • Make use of current communication equipment
  • Make business communication more cost-effective
Be always anywhere, on any device.

CloudConnect integrates your communication channels, networks, systems, IT business and consumer applications and devices all delivered through the cloud, on your mobile. That’s the future of business, so you can work and collaborate, faster and smarter. Plus our robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ensure that your business is always on.

Empower your employees, teams, and offices to use our services from anywhere, any device, so your staff can work even from home. This ensures that business continuity is maintained even in event of fire or flood, all secured at a leading Tier 4 data center in India for complete peace of mind.

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