Give Your Customers a Free Communication

Channel to Connect to Your Business.
CloudConnect Toll Free Number is a special number that a caller can use to reach a business or individual without paying for the call. The charges of calling on a toll-free number is not incurred to the caller but to the called (recipient) party. A customer enquiring for a product, service or simply looking for a customer support gets a free consultation.
Benefits of CloudConnect Toll Free Number:
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Customers can connect to your business anytime from anywhere without any charges involved.
  • IVR: Intelligent IVR with toll-free number makes it an effective self-help tool.
  • Marketing Tool: Toll-free number is an efficient marketing tool that can be used across various advertisement channels.
  • Credibility & Professionalism: Customers can always reach out to the service provider and get help. Toll-free number gives a much better sense of professionalism to a business.
  • Flexible Call Routing: The inbound calls can be easily transferred to any of your team via IVR routing.
  • Custom Greetings: Customized messages that you want customers to listen and choices you want to give to your customers.
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