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Responsible businesses worldwide are taking steps to run the business efficiently & effectively, despite the Coronavirus pandemic threat. They are also considering and adopting new technologies to help employees work from anywhere, including their homes, without affecting the regular business.

We are here to not only help you run your business seamlessly but also save your employees from the hassle of travelling in unfortunate conditions of lockdown or falling sick. Remote working or home working are key measures being adopted by most businesses NOW to avoid last minute hassle or anxiousness.

Our Cloud based resilient services are full proof to cover your business communications in hard times and give business continuity measures in your business plan.

Hosted Phone System

Being India's first DOT Licensed B2B Virtual Network Operator we offer a complete hosted or virtual phone system for businesses that integrates seamlessly with your existing premise based PBXs.

Besides we also offer a complete range virtual or digital business telephone & Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers (i.e. without the need to issue / provision any additional SIM Cards) for all employees.

Contact Center Solution

We are now delivering India's first fully cloud based contact center – that is completely Mobile enabled. We make sure that your sales, customer service or technical support teams get the benefit of your contact center technology & processes wherever they are.

Finally transform your business communications with best CloudConnect tools and let us help your business continue even in odd events. Contact us today for a free demo or one to one talk and let us help to create a safe and productive business environment for your entire workforce.

Cloud Video Conferencing

We are 21st century and it's time for video conferencing based e-meetings and e-demos that are far more personalized and engaging than phone calls or messaging. Let us power your business with a simple yet powerful interface for the best video conferencing experience on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop / smart TV screen.

Hosted IVR with Voicemail

All your incoming calls will get responded by a customized interactive voice response (IVR) greeting and if you decide not to take any calls, we will make sure to capture your callers' number and voice mail messages. Your business communications is our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

As defined by Cambridge ‘Teleworking’ is the activity of working at home, while communicating with your office by phone or email, or using the internet. Also known as telecommuting, teleworking replaces travel to, from, and for work with telecommunications technologies. Many employees telework only once or twice per week, while other employees telework full-time and occasionally go to the office. In practice, telework is a work arrangement that allows an employee to perform work, during any part of regular, paid hours, or at an approved alternative worksite (e.g. home or telework center).

Employee productivity is gauged on a daily basis through completed work, finished projects, and deadlines met. There are also analytics, and real-time interaction. Supervisors monitor quantity, quality, and timelines. They manage by objectives or results, rather than by direct observation.
Teleworking usually requires a mobile phone, and can also involve some remote access, computer hardware and software, email, a computer and headset with a microphone, and at times a camera/web camera.
Teleworking if well managed, and supervised, with constant communication can prove to increase work productivity. However, this needs to be well managed as first time teleworkers can take time to adapt to their home environments which are not usually used for work. The burden of work depends on how well the solutions are implemented. CloudConnect offers seamless, any device services which are easy to use. This makes it easy for teams and employees to adapt to the new work environment.
No. The solution is tried and tested and can be implemented on demand. There is almost no learning curve as users are not new to technology, and the technology is not dissimilar to what they already use. The only difference is being offsite/ working remotely, and the lack of a designated space to carry out work. This is not an obstacle and is easily mitigated.
This depends on the process and industry. The service itself is easy to use, and has a minimal learning curve. For instance, certain processes may require a format of work, or for calls etc to be recorded, or for data to be shared in a specific way. Those are industry-specific and will not interfere the ease-of-use and adoption of the technology.
No, studies show definite improvements in productivity. One of the reasons is that teleworks spend less time travelling, or negotiating, and have (at times) fewer distractions. Plus they are in an environment that they are most comfortable in. The reduced stress, coupled with increased concentration boosts work.
There are many techniques and methods to overcome any feeling of isolation, or being disconnected from colleagues. In fact, people are more connected via teleworking, and more responsive than in offices, as they feel a responsibility to deliver. In addition, teleworks can be included in video meetings, in-call conferences, one-to-one chats, and group discussions, more often than in an office.
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