India’s first Cloud PBX on Mobile for Small to Medium Businesses.
Still using an outdated PBX on premises phone system? In today’s digital and mobile first world, office PBX phone systems no longer allow you to efficiently, and cost-effectively connect and communicate with your teams. CloudConnect offers a lot more than just a PBX software for mobile phones.
Make and receive business calls, anytime, on any device.
By moving up to the cloud you cut expenses on dated PBX equipment, cut expenses on maintenance, save space and save time. Meaning you not only give your teams to communicate and collaborate better, you can forward your PBX calls worldwide, from your employees mobile.
CloudConnect offers you all PBX features and functionality on Mobile. Make off premises corporate and business calls turning your mobile into a business extension. Forward all your business calls to a cell phone, forward your extension calls, and make calls on your cell phone, all with one seamless service.
Stop waiting to integrate cell phones with corporate PBX.
Take control and move to a faster and smarter communication system. Make the move to Cloud PBX on Mobile. The sooner the better.
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