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CloudConnect enables businesses to meet the high expectations of today's consumer with minimum capital expenditure, absolute mobility and reduced complexity with business calling solutions that seamlessly connects your customers Anywhere & Anytime.

CloudConnect is the pioneer of PBX on the Mobile technology in India. CloudConnect's flagship offering is India’s first real PBX platform for enterprises and businesses who want to be reached immaterial of time and place. The platform offers peer-to-peer encrypted application forsecure voice and messaging.

Our art of Click to call widgets can be implemented to offer telephony as a service to customers in an innovative manner. Currently, CloudConnect provides Off-net solutions PAN India.

CloudConnect is an application on your mobile, which enables calling even when you are on Wi-Fi and gives you information and intelligence about your complete business calls. Your employees can make or receive calls on their mobile phones with a carrier grade voice quality. The administrator in turn can monitor these calls and also listen to the audio recordings from anywhere from portal.


Enterprise solutions for secure mobile communications and protection from data compromise.

In today's mobile-first world, the threats organizations face are changing faster than ever. Our enterprise solutions are an essential complement to your existing security infrastructure, ensuring secure communications while guarding against malicious device compromise and cyber threats, as well as inadvertent data breaches that may occur from remote staff, teleworkers, contractors, suppliers and third-party vendors.

The best in Secured Enterprise communications on mobile solutions should go unnoticed. This gives you the confidence to work with minimal risk while your privacy is protected. Today's companies rely on mobile workers who need to stay connected. At the same time, the threat of cyber-attack has risen exponentially. The best solutions secure all areas of potential exposure such as free Wi-Fi, international travel, information security and end-point loT connections. For finance, defence, government contractors & agencies, healthcare, finance, and Fortune 500 organizations, benefits and top-grade security features:


Free Social Media applications are proliferating the workplace and are widely used by employees as productivity tools. But they aren't designed for businesses and pose risk to data.


Our secure and assured platform provides the control, the administration, and the reliability that an enterprise needs in order to protect its data.


Mobile technology has galvanised businesses providing the means to efficient and instantaneous communication. Our mobile first approach offers Instant communication andseamless information transfer.


We use modern cloud technologies to rapidly deliver a secure and private mobile communications network, ensuring you 99.5% uptime even in times of natural calamities like.