Personalise customer experience
and boost business with Hosted IVR
Your customers expect service round-the-clock. With CloudConnect’s Multilevel Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR), you can do a lot more than meet your customer’s need. What this means is every time a customer or potential customer calls you, no matter the time, the call is answered. Now your customer can connect to the right department, or automated call flow, or speak to the right agent, or service executive, and have their queries answered and their job done, in an instant. That’s satisfaction.
Unlock new business potential with CloudConnect Hosted IVR services.
  • Radically improve customer service: Customers can now reach the agent they want in faster, simpler and on their terms.
  • Service in-bound inquiries anytime: Your calls will be answered 24/7, 365 days a year, so you never lose out.
  • Get real-time reporting, call-recording, analytics: keep track of conversations, improve service, and delight customers.

Make every call count.

With CloudConnect’s Multilevel Hosted IVR, you can create and automate multiple levels in your IVR, ensuring each call-flow is unique. What’s more, the simplicity and speed of implementation coupled with the cost-efficiencies make Hosted IVR a no-brainer.

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