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Automate. Integrate. Monitor.
Communication systems as fast as FMCG
Automating survey calls? Tracking a mobile salesforce? Monitoring geolocation of people, goods and cold storage? CloudConnect offers a comprehensive suite of customized services for the FMCG industry. Scablabe and secure services like PBX + on mobile with Hosted IVR, Unified Communications Services (UC) solutions, Broadcast, Business Process integration and geolocation services, CloudConnect provides cutting-edge cloud communication and collaboration systems that enable you to move faster, reach further, and scale with ease.
Faster. Smarter. Better. Today customer delight is a given. Your customers expect amazing experiences that start with their privacy being secured. CloudConnect offers a secure comprehensive suite of customized cloud telephony and BPI solutions for the FMCG organizations, SMBs, and hyperlocal FMCG startups. We’ve bundled a few services that are easy for you to get started with.
  • FMCG User
    Track, monitor, and record across devices, in real-time.

    Improve efficiencies and keep track of goods and delivery teams with Geolocation Services.

  • FMCG Mobile
    Enhance Productivity for Field teams: Cloud PBX+ on mobile

    Gain Class V EPABX features along with an enterprise directory accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • FMCG Install
    Better research, better customer service: Virtual Number & Interactive Voice Response

    Automate responses, survey calls, and product/service feedback easily and cost-effectively.

Want to know how to improve internal efficiencies, lower costs on customer feedback systems, and track goods and teams round-the-clock? Talk to a CloudConnect Expert today.
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