Boost your businesses with more leads.

Add a CloudConnect Click2Call button.
As per research, 75% of customers prefer to contact a business by phone. That’s usually a Call me now, or request a call back or a VOIP phone call widget. CloudConnect Click to Call offers you the ability to instantly convert internet-based visitors into potential customers. What’s more, this makes your website, CRM or application more interactive, appealing, and impactful.
CloudConnect Click to Call ensures you never miss an online customer conversion opportunity.
  • Boost online conversions: convert visitors to leads faster on all web or app based communication.
  • Amplify in-bound inquiries: increase the probability of a visitor contacting your business with a call button on your website.
  • Instantly connect with ease: customers can now connect to your team with a single click.
VOIP CRM integration. Next-gen customer experience for Indian SMEs.
1. Maximize Online Sales Opportunities
  • Allows your web site visitors to have a fast and an easier way of contacting you.
  • Overcomes consumer reluctance to trade online.
  • Operates at any time of the day in a week.
2. Sharpen Online Marketing Effectiveness
  • Captures the customer intelligence.
  • Identifies any form of campaigns, promotions and sales approaches which will work best and deliver the highest conversion rates.
  • Reveals the web pages which prompt the most inquiries and generates the most sales.
  • Captures customer data for analysis and future targeting.
3. Boost Customer Retention
  • Presents the human face behind your website
  • Allows the customers to contact you on their terms and at their con venience, without any delay.
  • Provides informed service with agents who were pre-emptively briefed with caller information.
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