Business Process Integration

Integrate your business seamlessly.
Improve productivity, accountability and reporting with Business Process Integration.

CloudConnect Business Process Integration Services offers a single solution for SMB and enterprise level business communication system integration. Once you move to cloud communication, our business cloud integration allows your business to do a lot more for a lot less. Now all your enterprise applications can be easily integrated, including integration of middleware.

What was once a daunting task is now made easy with robust business integration services - enabling seamless connectivity with point-to-point integration across applications. What this means is there is an increase in workflow automation which allows teams to make quicker decisions, enables you to take charge, manage, and orchestrate change quicker, on the go. Ultimately impact your bottom line with improved productivity, improved accountability and also secure your reporting and team data.

Connect businesses-critical platforms and processes. Business is no longer run on one single system, which means all your

business-critical platforms and processes need to seamlessly connect and work. CloudConnect is a Business Integration Provider in India that is spearheading affordable business integration services for small and medium businesses. No more compromises. CloudConnect’s Business Process Integration is designed to ensure your business is not only future-ready but competitive in the now.

  • Seamless Integration with G-suite and Office 365
  • Seamless Integration with Zoho, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Sugar and Salesforce
  • Seamless Integration with Custom CRMs
Integrate with HR, ERP, Payments, and more.

No longer do you need to painstakingly switch between platforms. With CloudConnect, it’s simple. Break down data silos, reduce time and speed up. Need to quickly navigate and communicate across departments, or platforms? CloudConnect seamlessly integrates with Finacle, Ramco, Talisma and Bancs. In fact, CloudConnect’s Business Integration Process model is customized to fit your business needs. This ensures you get the best business process automation software, business process modeling tools, and software integrated solutions minus the heavy cost implications usually associated with business cloud integration.

  • Made easy to add with HR
  • Quick to implement with ERP
  • Works seamlessly with Payment
Learn how CloudConnect’s Business Process Integration will work for you.

Time to optimize your current business process systems with cloud-based business process integration. You can now enhance visibility, and improve communication across teams, no matter where they are or what device they use. The upside to cloud communications and business integration is that you can cost-effectively unify your processes moving beyond the usual hassles of hardware or middleware.

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