Broadcast your message instantly.
Connect with customers, boost business.

Make your lead and demand generation campaigns work harder. CloudConnect’s Broadcast (Voice & IM) allows you to easily connect with multiple customers at the same time ensuring your business message, advertisement, or internal team briefing is delivered instantly. Cloud-based broadcasting services and broadcasting solutions are changing how businesses like yours are connecting with customers and teams.
Now you can send a customized voice message to large groups in their language. It’s simple. Call it digital audio broadcasting, or an advanced automated calling system, your message blast will truly hit home.
Easy, efficient, and instantly delivered.
CloudConnect empowers SMBs with Voice & IM.
To stay top of mind or enhance customer experience, staying connected with customers is now as easy as a single click. Led by the power of a voice broadcasting system, business can now employ smarter, more cost-effective means to get the message across on mobile. CloudConnect ensures that as your broadcast provider, your brand voice is heard loud and clear.
  • Be heard, be seen with Voice & IM broadcast to CUG
  • It’s easy to set up and has a Single-Click execution
  • Monitor your progress with Real-Time reports
See how CloudConnect’s Broadcast services will work for you.
Voice broadcasting services allow you to send a message to mass audiences, or large groups at the same time. The calls are automated. You also have the option to add IVR to your broadcasting system. CloudConnect also allows you to track, monitor, and analyze. This gives you more information in real-time that will help increase productivity, boost team communication, and enhance the customer experience.
Additionally, the cost-efficiencies of reaching mass audiences, and the convenience of it being easy to deploy, make CloudConnect broadcasting solution a no-brainer when it comes to choosing an effective means to stay in touch with customers, teams, employees, collaborators and party or group members.
Give your content a voice.
Give your business the reach it needs.
CloudConnect Broadcast Services can be customized to your industry-specific need. Made for multiple departments to capitalize, on, be it marketing, management, operations, collaboration, promotion, and internal motivation. Today industries like Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Technology, Manufacturing, right across to PSAs are using broadcast services. For Political parties, business innovation groups, and specialist teams, there is a need for a secure automated phone messaging system. CloudConnect makes sure every broadcast message is secured with best-in-industry security. Making the choice for a cloud-telephony broadcast service is an easy one.
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