Audio Conferencing

Secure Audio Conferencing for Small and Medium Businesses.

You can now host or start a conference call with your teams, partners, and collaborators with ease. CloudConnect Audio Conference tackles volume inconsistencies, audio transmission issues, and inadequate security, putting you in control, easily and cost-efficiently. Move up to a web-based conferencing system, so you can host virtual conferences with an online audio call on cell phones.

CloudConnect Audio Conference services are flexible, affordable, and highly secure.
  • Affordable convenience: Conference anytime, anywhere, and send invites using email. Meaning your teams can continue to be productive no matter where they are. And it won’t increase your costs.
  • Secure access- Dial-in using Mobile/WebRTC, Authorization with Access Code to each participant of the call. You can restrict who has access to the call all at the touch of a button.
  • Control each call: Participant List and Participant Count, Mute/Unmute, Online Portal are just some of the features that make Audio Conferencing simple. Moreover, since this is delivered through the cloud, you can control and moderate the audio conference call on any device, completely at your convenience.
  • Ensure quality: Gain access to High-Quality audio on your conference call. This improves satisfaction, and helps cut down unnecessary downtime, or lost minutes, or miscommunication due to bad, less-than-standard call quality.
How CloudConnect’s Audio Conference service will work for you.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) conferencing systems offer everything that traditional business phone systems do. The advantage: it’s hosted in the cloud. Meaning you now have access to your full suite of business communication systems on any device, anywhere. This allows you to conduct secure Conference Calls on the Fly. So no matter how your teams are spread, or whichever time zone, or country they are in, your call quality is never compromised.

In addition to having all the offerings of a traditional phone system, CloudConnect audio conferencing services can be seamlessly integrated into your existing CRM, app, or platform. In fact, it reduces the expensive costs of procurement and maintenance of hardware and audio systems that traditional audio conferencing systems employ. CloudConnect offers audio conferencing solutions that integrate with your current systems, not add to the costs.

Communicate with ease.

CloudConnect Audio Conferencing service enables businesses like yours in India to host a conference call meeting through the internet with ease. Our audio conferencing solutions will help you save time, cut down costs, and rule out any chance of data breach or privacy violation –– two pertinent pain points that plague business communication in India. What’s more, each participant is sent a secure access code, so you can regulate their access into the conference –– keeping your business conference calls secure, anytime, anywhere.

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