What is CloudConnect?

Cloud Communication for Enterprises - A New Way to Communicate & Collaborate.

Cloud-Connect is India's first Cloud Communications Virtual Network Operator (VNO) offering enterprises, small and big, an array of contemporary / cutting edge communication and collaboration services, that are fully regulatory compliant, for business acceleration and advantage .

The key differentiators and benefits for enterprises are:

Building Connected enterprises. As the enterprise work force becomes increasingly mobile, enterprises want their employees to remain connected on enterprise telecom identity. This is not possible in present EPABX - Fixed Line telecom solution. Cloud-Connect Provides enterprises with Mobile Enterprise Telecom identity, anytime, anywhere for all their employees.

Workflow Communication Automation. Cloud-Connect provides enterprises with Workflow Communication Interface ("softphone" and "unified communication and collaboration(ucc)" app) on their mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops , which provides enterprises with a standardized / pervasive collaborative environment , performance management and reporting tools for better MIS/ Decision Support and overall business acceleration and productivity enhancement.
This would be further augmented by Integrating Artificial Intelligence plug-ins into the end user interface.

One Stop Triple Play. Cloud-Connect integrates Voice, Video and Data Sharing into a single platform for enterprises and integrates it with their Office Automation suite, thus eliminating time consuming and costly multi-vendor interface.

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