Welcome to the era of Cloud Communications

CloudConnect Communications Pvt Ltd is poised to become India’s first licensed and completely regulatory compliant Virtual Network Operator (VNO) to be offering Cloud based EPABX services as a pioneer in the country.

CloudConnect offers a wide range of benefits that could meet the growing demands and needs of your businesses.

Mobility - Receive and Make calls Anywhere, Everywhere- which ensures you stay connected to your office while you are on the move.

Simplicity – compared to maintaining an in-house PBX with complete ease of Installation and Configuration.

Scalability - Proprietary systems are easy to outgrow, adding more phone lines or extensions often requires expensive hardware modules in physical system. In case of multiple offices/branches, it offers multi office centralized PBX.

Productivity - offers ease of management by providing a web-based configuration interface allowing you to make the changes yourselves when required.

Flexibility – when you only pay for the capacity you need, offering you the flexibility to expend seamlessly as and when needed.

Business Integrations - CloudConnect integrates Voice, Video and Data Sharing into a single platform and integrates it with enterprise's office automation suite, thus eliminating time consuming and costly multi-vendor interface.

Cost Efficiency - you don't have to spend more than you already are on your existing setup.

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